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Fantasy Adventure

Smithville Event
Date: Saturday, May 22 00:00 - Sunday, May 23 00:00

There’s a whole new way of presenting live theater productions soon coming to Historic Smithville. An original fantasy adventure by Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company, will unfold within a medieval “Game-of-Thrones-like” world.  This will be an outdoor attraction for Riddlesbrood’s first 2 day outdoor Fantasy AdventureFest on Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd. Matinee performances will be at 1 PM and 4:30 PM with an evening show at 8:30 PM on Saturday (shoppes are closed for the 8:30 show).  On Sunday, there will be a matinee performance at 1PM.  A variety of vendors with fantasy and adventure themed art, artistry and collectibles will add to the festivities. Admission and parking are free both days.



All Dates

  • From Saturday, May 22 00:00 to Sunday, May 23 00:00

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